E-Learning enables busy professionals to complete essential training at a time and place that suits them. The production of quality interactive training is far from straightforward, and many trainees have become disillusioned with dull and boring e-learning courses. Which is where EasiLearning come in – with entertaining and engaging courses for professional users.

Current online courses offered include:

Anaphylactic Shock Standard refresher training in anaphylaxis

Anaphylactic Shock Lite refresher training in anaphylaxis

Clinical Nutrition Screening & Support (for ‘MUST’)

Online training in Patient Group Directions (PGD) for the NHS

Vaccination Training for Pharmacists

Venepuncture Theory

We offer versions tailored for both Community and Hospitals settings where required. We also have versions appropriate to where in the UK you are working, as there are some differences between the juristrictions of England, Wales, Scotland, N Ireland, Jersey etc.

Free Guide offered:

Hand Washing in a Clinical Setting

EasiLearning will tailor this Guide for Clinical Organisations free of charge to help increase infection control and to promote our courses. Contact Us for further details


Expanding List:

The list of EasiLearning courses is expanding all the time. If you would like a subject we do not currently offer, go to Contact Us and let us know. However, the subject must be suitable for online learning and must be of interest to a wide audience.

We also offer courses from a small number of other quality suppliers – see Training Resources

Personalisation, Assessment & Tracking

All EasiLearning online courses are tailored to the organisation with personalised introduction and a certificate with the organisation’s logo. Each trainee can print off their certificate on completion of the inbuilt assessment.

The cloud based version of the courses use EasiLearning’s Train and TrackTM system, which gives management a unique weblink so they can track which trainees have passed the assessment and on what date together with a score where this is appropriate. No specialist IT infrastructure is required to make this version of the course work – commission to delivery is usually less than 2 weeks!

Some customers already have an LMS and may choose either SCORM 1.2 or 1.3 version to have tracking and reporting done by the LMS. In either Web or SCORM versions, trainee completion data is available to be exported into e-personnel systems. We offer special versions for NHS England nLMS/OLM.


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