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Are you a training organisation or a company with your own classroom training? Have you ever considered the advantages of making it available online?

Benefits of Online Training

There is no more cost effective way of delivering training than via online, especially if you put a value on employee time and travel. Although not all training is suitable for online delivery, it still often makes sense to provide trainees with the theory component online prior to coming to a classroom session for the practical element.

The Importance of Tracking Trainees

You will want to track the performance of trainees for a variety of reasons:

- to make sure they really have completed the training

- to enable you to identify those that have not grasped the subject matter

- for training records and audit purposes

How do you Track?

Some organisations have an internal Learning Management System that is normally tended by an army of IT professionals. They will sometimes offer you a development tool for you to translate your materials into a format suitable for online delivery. However, it can feel like wading in treacle and there is an easier way – EasiLearning’s cloud based Train and TrackTM system.


Train and TrackTM

EasiLearning’s Train and TrackTM system provides a straightforward way of presenting a course online to trainees and providing management with a simple tracking system via nothing more complicated than a web browser. Here is a very simple example of how it looks.

As a ‘Trainee’ Click HERE to access a course. Enter your own name, the password in lower case: mine; enter any 5 digits to indicate a staff number; select any of the location options and then click on SUBMIT

Make sure you click the PRINT button at the end of the assessment and you should see your own name appearing in the tracking system that is available to management. Click HERE to see the results.

Like to know more?

If you have your own training materials, you already have the egg. Train and TrackTM provides you with the eggcup. So how do you get the eggcup and how to you make your course materials fit? Contact EasiLearning to discuss how this could happen in your organisation

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