“Every PCT in the country should use this means of handling Anaphylaxis refresher training” 
Director of Medicine

“Just to let you know I have now completed the e learning anaphylaxis, I enjoyed this method of updating!”
Health Visitor

“I thought it was excellent ..actually leaned a few things I didn’t know already”
Head of Medicines Management Provider Services

“Very impressed with the package”
Continuing Professional Development Facilitator

“I took a look at the course online, seems to be a good way to teach use of ‘MUST’ screening. It is useful training material … I want to  show my colleagues and see how they do”
Acting Chief Dietitian

“I have just completed the on-line PGD course and thought it was very useful and appropriate for the Scottish NHS. We will discuss it at our PGD steering Group meeting on….” 
Community Services Lead

“Great training Package”

“I found the anaphylaxis training on the computer easier to fit in time wise, and easier to remember the signs and symptoms to look out for: the order to address the situation when coming across a patient with anaphylactic shock, and remembering the dosage of adrenaline”
District Nurse

“It has evaluated very well and within it staff have made recommendation of other training needs they feel could be delivered in this way. Really good news is that, cost wise, the travel and work time saved appears to have more than paid for the cost of the licences”
Continuing Professional Development Facilitator

“We have certainly found the anaphylaxis training on line useful and well presented”
Interim Director of Nursing

“Lovely E learning package – I like the way it does not let you continue with the test until you get it all right! Took me a while!“
Senior Lecturer/Practitioner Primary Care School of Nursing Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences

“In fact we had one HV recently who is seriously IT-phobic.  She completed it without any problems – and even enjoyed the experience.”
Learning & Development Manager

“I really enjoyed this Venepuncture online training”
Lead District Nurse for Education and Training

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