Patient Group Directions (PGD) Training

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are documents which make it legal for medicines to be given to groups of patients without individual prescriptions having to be written for each patient.1

1 DoH

How this course can help you:

Failure to comply with the law on PGDs could result in a criminal prosecution under the Medicines Act. Although the vast majority of clinical care is provided on an individual basis by healthcare professionals, PGDs are widely used.

This interactive e-learning course is designed to enable personnel from healthcare organisations to understand the importance of PGDs, the legal framework under which they may be used and how they affect the work of the individual healthcare worker.

In addition to offering Community and Hospitals versions of this course, we can also cope with Regional differences. e.g. areas where prescription charges do not apply such as Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and Jersey and where they still apply as in England.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course the trainee will be able to:

  • Describe the background to Patient Group Directions
  • Develop an understanding of the implications of Patient Group Directions
  • Learn the legal aspects of Patient Group Directions and how this impacts their practice
  • Discuss a competency framework for using Patient Group Directions safely

Benefits of the course:

Available 24 by 7 from an Internet connected PC*

  • Easy to use, even for staff not familiar with the use of computers
  • Easier to train a higher proportion of healthcare staff
  • Simplifies record keeping as to who has been trained and when
  • Frees up staff time for frontline duties
  • Includes an assessment with case study type workshops and Certificate on completion
  • Can be used in parallel to existing face to face training
  • A good way to evaluate the benefits of adopting e-learning as one approach to CPD
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Tailored introduction from a senior officer of the organisation such as the Director of Nursing and a certificate with the organisation logo

Try a short demonstration:

To see a short extract from the course:

Community version click here

Hospitals version click here

Available for both Community and Hospitals settings. EasiLearning courses are already used by some 70 organisations throughout the UK

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